When asked by your medical provider if you want the ‘flu shot’, and you refuse, DO NOT SIGN ANY FORM OF REFUSAL. You have the right to refuse, when asked to sign a ‘patient denial form’ just tell the nurse no and just write “patient denies request”.

Never sign your name.

A common adjuvant added to vaccines is aluminum, a known neurotoxin that has no biological benefit for the body.

Aborted Fetal Cells in Vaccines as of March 2018

Aborted Fetal Cells in Vaccines as of March 2018 #cannibalism #transgender #Luciferian #satanic #ritual #occult

P.S. In foods as Natural Flavoring

(16Dec2018 See this post)


  1. Years ago a ministry exposed the use of aborted babies elastin and collagen for make up to get rid of wrinkles and give your skin a new born baby’s glow. To hide this fact the list of ingredients now call it animal elastin and collagen to protect themselves but aren’t we also called animals at times? We can witness about this deplorable act by going to local pharmacies and alerting them. Also, alert your pastor so he can expose this to the church and reveal it at your bible study as well.

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    • Thus forces everyone to be cannibals, as they are. Cannibal etymology Cain / Abel … Cain being serpent seed from Eve having been impregnated by Lucifer.
      NEVER eat anything that lists “Natural Flavors”: that is fetal cells and tissue. Refuse all vaccines. Fast and detox. Your comment is so valued! As to telling church people – good luck with that! 501c3 government sponsored/recognized churches are shills and will be sure to make you persecuted.


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